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Benning Violins - formerly known as Studio City Music - is a Los Angeles-area mainstay violin shop offering an extensive catalog of fine violins, violas, cellos and bows for sale crafted by old and modern masters.

We are a family-owned and operated store since 1953 and have a long tradition of expert service and meeting the needs of musicians, from the beginner to the professional.

We perform restorations and repairs on fine instruments and bows. We offer expert appraisals of instruments as well as consignment sales.

For three generations, the Benning family name has been synonymous with the making of fine, master-crafted violins, violas and cellos. Instruments crafted by Eric Benning are owned and played by a number of premier players, concert performers and recording artists.

Since the launch of our web site, we have grown into an International enterprise, shipping fine instruments and bows, accessories, as well as lesser-cost student outfits set up in our workshop, all over the world.

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  • The Highest Quality Instruments at the Lowest Price

    Every instrument is set up by expert luthiers in Benning's storied workshop to their exacting specifications before being shipped.
  • The Right Bow Brings Out the Best in Your Instrument

    Whether you are a beginner or a professional, choosing a bow is as important of a decision as choosing an instrument.
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Benning Violins online store offers a wide range of instruments from a number of different countries - from lesser-cost student outfits to those for intermediate and advanced players. All violins, violas and cellos are hand-crafted by reputable and esteemed makers and are set up in our own storied workshop to our exacting specifications for optimal playability and tone. Can't find what you're looking for? Need expert advice? Please contact us.

100% Satisfaction

We accept returns for up to 30 days from purchase date if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Free Shipping

We ensure that your order is expertly packed and quickly and safely delivered to you - Free of charge.

Expert Instrument Setup

All new instruments are set up in our workshop to our exacting specifications for optimal playability and tone.

Low Prices

We always strive to provide top quality instruments and accessories at the lowest and most affordable prices.

Stellar Customer Service

Over 65 years as a family-owned business, we have mastered the art of friendly and personal customer service.

Hand Crafted Instruments

All violins, violas and cellos are hand-crafted by reputable and esteemed stringed instrument makers.

Resources for Players

Whether your search for a new violin has taken you to a local brick and mortar violin shop or to the Internet seeking to purchase a new violin at an online violin store, you’ve probably encountered the brand name Eastman. Eastman Music Company, formerly known as Eastman Strings, is one of the largest manufactures and suppliers of new violins in the world, creating high quality student violins, intermediate violins and violins for advanced players and professionals.

Though the company is called “Eastman” and violins are named after “Samuel Eastman” and “Andreas Eastman”, the company is not named after a violinmaking family named “Eastman” and there are no brothers or cousins named Andreas or Samuel. Instead, the fascinating story of Eastman Music starts with a young graduate of Boston University’s music department named Qian Ni, an accomplished flute player.

Ni was supporting himself by becoming a violin broker, importing violins into the United States from noted Chinese makers and driving from city to city selling them to various violin shops and music stores for a profit. In 1994, recognizing the need for better quality student and beginner violins, the enterprising Ni set up a workshop outside of Beijing to begin hand crafting Eastman instruments. Eastman sells their violins directly to their dedicated network of shops and stores.

Today, Eastman manufactures affordable violins, violas, cellos, basses and even bows. These are hand crafted by talented luthiers using the same techniques and hand tools as the famous European workshops did two hundred years ago. While most of the violins from Eastman are made in China, there are several models that are made in Romania and Germany.

All of the instruments are hand varnished and many of them are antiqued to look like old Italian master violins. Eastman violins are all modeled after Guarneri and Stradivari patterns and come in various sizes, such as 4/4 and ½. All newly purchased Eastman instruments come with an impressive limited lifetime warranty. Many are sold as violin outfits, which include a violin bow and a violin case and some basic violin accessories, such as rosin and extra strings. These outfits are usually assembled by the individual shops selling them, so be sure to compare the quality of the cases, bows and accessories when comparing one to another.

Eastman violins are priced between $575 for a quality, reliable student instrument that holds its resale value to about $4,000 for the highest quality violin for professionals that include high quality finishes, such as chin rests, pegs, varnish, end pieces and fingerboards. Though these violins are affordable, it is advised to visit a local violin shop that sells Eastman instruments and the violin for a test drive. Many violin shops offer home trial opportunities, as do online violin stores.

What Our Customers Say

  • Benning Violins provided a level of patient support you wouldn’t expect to find at an online violin shop.
    They walked me through the process of choosing a student instrument and the correct accessories.
    Their great caring was evident.
  • We purchased a Jay Haide violin for our son from Benning Violins online store. My son’s teacher was
    amazed at the sound and playability of the violin. He told us, ‘Whoever set up this violin knew
    how to make it sing.’ For the price, their service made it a steal.
  • We bought a Snow viola. Benning Violins rushed it in time for Christmas. When it arrived, it sounded
    better than we expected, polished to a perfect shine. It’s really good to know that a company will
    deliver what it promises. We felt well taken care of.

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